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panasonice vision system pv200 hilight

High End Performance in a Compact Body

           Image processing with impressive accuracy and performance can now be achieved while requiring a surprisingly low implementation and programming time.
The new ideal machine is a color/grey combination type.


Camera selections

Seven types of cameras, including a 4M grey camera, are available with the system.
0.3M compact camera has been added to the product line-up. The body is approximately 20 mm 0.79 in more compact lengthwise compared to previous 0.3M cameras.


Smart Edge (Circle)/(Line)

Complicated inspection processes can be easily performed with highly accurate measurements.
A function for accurate approximation of circles/lines. This function detects a maximum of 3,000 edge points for a line and 3,600 for a circle in one area, dramatically improving the accuracy of the measurement of dimensions and positions. This function has also significantly reduced the man-hours required for setting.

           panasonice vision system pv200 smartedge

      panasonice vision system pv200 smartedge 2

Geometry calculation

Distances, intersections, and median lines can be detected.
This function detects the distance between two points, the intersection of two lines, the median line of two lines, the perpendicular distance, and an approximate ellipse. In combination with Smart edge (circle) / (line), this function recognizes the object as a geometric figure, allowing the coordinates, distances, dimensions, and angles to be obtained without preparing calculation formulas.



Operation screen

The PV200 series has been designed to simplify implementation in both pre-production and post-production.

                                  panasonice vision system interface display

                            panasonice vision system pv200 application